YMCA North Tyneside

Working on a £2.2m capital project to re-develop and refurbishment of one of the centres in North Tyneside. The fundraising support includes approaches to trusts and foundations, corporate partnerships and support in the public fundraising stages. The money raised will help pay for the conversion of a building into social housing of 15 x 1 bed apartments. A gym, other sport facilities and teaching rooms will also be part of the development. This project will mean local, vulnerable people in quite a deprived area, will be able to get back to work and provide themselves and their families a better quality of life.

“YMCA North Tyneside has been in operation for over 100 years but the experience, insight, dedication and returns given by Cornerstone in the last 12 months by them working with us are outstanding.  We have really learned a lot and we feel much clearer and confident for our future strategy.  

Dean Titterton, Chief Executive Officer, YMCA North Tyneside


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